Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights the recent product improvements we’ve made, so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

This month, we’ve got a ton of great updates for all your devices: from new features for mobile to Search improvements and some fancy re-vamped integrations. As added incentive to read through all the goodness to the bottom… we’re sharing a sneak peek at a couple of exciting features and integrations that are just around the corner.

Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

-Team Help Scout

What’s New

A Better Mobile Experience

Want to move & follow conversations on-the-go? The latest mobile update brings these features to your iPhone, so you can:

Move conversations in & out of different mailboxes

Mobile - Move conversations

Follow and unfollow conversations to keep tabs on all updates

Mobile - Follow conversations

Why Use “Follow”? Following a conversation sends you email notifications on all sorts of actions. It’s a great way to keep an eye on how customers interact with your product, and shadow conversations handled beyond your department to get an idea of what’s going on cross-functionality. Here’s how to start following!

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Spotlight on Integrations

Some things are just better together: Beyonce and Jay-Z. Peanut-butter-and-fluff.* Customer support and the tools you already use. (*Maybe the verdict is still out on this one.)

Bottom line: We know that things can work beautifully in pairs. And that’s true for apps, too. This month, we’re shining the spotlight on three revamped integrations:


Wouldn’t it be nice if your customer chat and customer support stayed totally in-sync? Think of the Olark integration as the answer to wait-what-was-said-in-that-chat: transcripts are delivered automatically from Olark to your Help Scout conversations.

Here's how to get started →


A full customer support solution available on-site? It’s possible with elevio. Here’s what our Customer Champion Abigail had to say:

“Set-up is super simple! A few quick steps, and then you’ve got this sleek one-stop shop for customer service on your site. It adds function instead of clutter - your customers know exactly how to find your Docs and get in touch.”

Help Scout - elevio Integration

How to integrate in 90 seconds →


We have an official (and awesome) WordPress plugin that adds a contact form or beacon to your site:

Start plugging in →

Huzzah! Your work is appreciated!

You’re clearing out the queue. Answering customer questions. Dominating your day-to-day. While it can be fun to see Inbox 0, we think a huzzah image takes these milestones to the next level. Preview of two images & some awesome #CustomerLove below — keep crushing it to see more.

This month, we have holiday-themed-images to add to your inbox-0-flair. We may have heard somewhere that a tweet @HelpScout with a screenshot gets a t-shirt…just saying.

Holiday Huzzah!

Search is one of our most popular features, and we’re constantly optimizing it to work best for our customer support champions. Here’s what we’ve updated & patched-up:

✅ We fixed an issue where URLs weren’t pre-populating for searches using custom fields. All good now!

Search - Copy/paste fix

✅ Search Filters don’t hide in Safari anymore: We’ve squashed a bug where the left-side bar was disappearing.

✅ We’ve fixed a bug where the last page of Search results was going to Tag Management page instead of results.

Sneak Peek

Winter is @Mentions Are Coming

Like Game of Thrones references, tagging features in apps are pretty ubiquitous. We’re excited to add one more to the list with @Mentions, giving you the ability to quickly notify multiple teammates on notes. This feature will be rolled-out in the next few weeks, so look out for more details soon!

Salesforce Integration

What’s better than switching back-and-forth between Help Scout and Salesforce to find relevant customer information? Having Salesforce data available where you need it most: in your Help Scout sidebar.

Nadia Basil

Nadia Basil

Nadia is a product marketer and Help Scout alum.