Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights the recent product improvements we’ve made, so you can easily stay up-to-date on what’s new.

This November we’ve had a lot to be thankful for, but we’re most thankful for the completion of a very major project: re-writing Help Scout mailboxes. We also significantly improved Help Scout Reports, made a tiny tweak to the interface to make our navigation bar more aesthetically appealing, and added a couple smaller but helpful features for notes and the editor to boot.

Our Speedy New Mailboxes- Now Live

We’ve reworked Help Scout Mailboxes and have already seen a 40-60% increase in how speedily Help Scout fields requests, like getting a conversation in a folder or posting a note. We’re also happy that you seem to have noticed too:

New in Reports: Saved Views

Just in time to ease your Q4 reporting woes, we’ve revamped Help Scout Reports with our new Report Views. Views make it easy to save a set of filters and re-visit them in two clicks. We’ve started adding the new Reports Views to accounts gradually, so if you don’t see them in your account now, just hold tight as we plan on rolling them out to all accounts over the next week or so.

We’ve upgraded the checkbox filters to superflexible workflow-like filters that make it possible to double up on tags, so it’s even easier to distill your data by category.

Help Scout - old reports sidebar filters Old reports sidebar filters

Help Scout - New reports views New reports views

We’ve also thrown in an Is or Is Not filter to simplify excluding unnecessary data from Reports. As you add filtering conditions, the data updates to view in real time. When you find that perfect set of filtering conditions to review your Reports through again and again, save the conditions as a View to access whenever you need.

Help Scout - Saved reports views

Sometimes you need to share insider information with a customer, prospective partner, or new hire. Since Internal articles require a Help Scout login, it wasn’t possible to quickly drop or share internal article content via Link from the Docs Search Bar. We’ve added an Insert Content option to help ease sharing forms, files, and any content you might otherwise want to keep a little closer to the chest.

Help Scout - Insert private Docs articles

A handy improvement comes with this feature: you can use Internal collections for any saved replies you need to share across Mailboxes. Since Docs content is accessible from the Docs Search Bar from any Mailbox, just save the reply content in an internal collection, and drop it into the Reply Editor just like you would a Saved Reply. The editor will pick up any variables used.

Add saved replies to notes

Saved Replies are dropping in to say hello (or anything else you want) in notes, making it super easy to drop in any saved internal forms or templates. Use them exactly how you use Saved Replies, only for easing repeated communication with your team instead of customers.

We like to keep Help Scout looking sharp, so we tightened up the top navigation bar for a cleaner, more minimalist aesthetic. Changes include moving Updates under the Question Mark dropdown, Apps under the Manage dropdown, and condensing the search bar under a magnifying glass icon.

Help Scout - old nav bar Old Help Scout nav bar

Help Scout - old nav bar New Help Scout nav bar

The cursor automatically lands in the search field when you click the icon or type the / key, so it’s still the same amount of clicks to get your search on, but with less visual clutter.

Help Scout - Nav bar search

Mo McKibbin

Mo McKibbin

Mo leads Customer Support at Brightback and is an alum of Help Scout. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.