Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights the recent product improvements we’ve made, so you can easily stay up-to-date on what’s new.

September may kiss summer goodbye, but last month we fell in love with some exciting new features and introduced them to Help Scout customers.

Beacon: A guiding light for your customers

Yeah buoy! There’s a new life-saving help tool in town, making it even easier to help your customers.

Help Scout Beacon

Lead your customers to the help they seek with Beacon, an embed form you can install on any web page in a couple of minutes. Customers can use your Beacon to search Docs articles or reach your support team without leaving the page.

Beacon is available to all customers on Free and Standard accounts. To get started, open the Manage dropdown and click the Beacons link.

Help Scout - Manage Beacons

For further instructions, be sure to check out the Beacon developer documentation.

More reasons to love Beacon

It’s customizable…

Choose from five charmingly illustrated icons, and add a little extra magic when you place a hex on your Beacon to color code.

Help Scout - Beacon icons

It’s smart…

Beacon’s suggestion feature enables you to handpick articles based on the page your customer is viewing. Suggest subscription FAQs on the pricing page or popular product tutorials in your app.

You can auto-tag incoming messages with topics! When customers select a topic, it maps to a tag in Help Scout, which means it can trigger any number of Workflows in Help Scout. You can also run reports on how much volume each topic receives.

Using Beacon’s identify method pushes important customer details as a note, making your support team seem psychic. You can use it to identify your customer’s plan type, order history or any other bit of useful data. Beacon automatically records practical information like your customer’s location, browser version and device information by default.

Help Scout Beacon - app note

It’s flexible…

Beacon is highly customizable, and in a number of different ways. You can apply Beacon as a popover icon that lives in the bottom right corner of your app, or a modal version you can beckon by a link or button placed anywhere on the page! Translate Beacon into any language, or just change the verbiage to suit your branding. Give your customers the option to search and reference your Help Scout Docs, contact your support team directly, or both! Beacon’s customization options won’t limit you from serving your customers the way you know is best.

Beacon does require a little knowledge of javascript to install properly, but we’ve kept it pretty simple for you. Here’s a quick guide we put together on how to get setup Beacon on your site: Working with Beacon. Let us know if you need any help beyond that!

Be in-app, not inept

Touch your customers’ hearts from the palm of their very own hand with our most exciting new integration: SupportKit!

The SupportKit integration helps you seamlessly send and manage in-app conversations for mobile app customers without leaving your Help Scout Mailbox. Your customers can reach out to your support team through SupportKit directly, or use SupportKit’s Whisper feature to proactively reach out to your customers.

When your customer sends SupportKit a message, it lands right in Help Scout so your team can respond without skipping a beat. Instead of an email response, your customer receives a classy in-app message from SupportKit right on their mobile device. It’s pretty slick.

Help Scout + SupportKit integration

Setup for the SupportKit integration is a snap. If you haven’t already, get started with SupportKit here: Help Scout + SupportKit

Free range Docs: move articles across collections!

Your Docs articles are now free to move across collections. Once upon a time articles could only roam between categories, but this month we added a move option to jet-set any articles to other collections if needed.

Help Scout - Move docs articles

This tweak should prevent any copy+paste headaches the next time you need to re-organize your Docs site.

Search has a little more character

找到安心 or anything else you’re looking for in Help Scout search, no matter what characters you use to search for it. Since great support knows no language barriers, we’ve amped up our search to support all unicode characters in both Docs and Help Scout including Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and all other non-ASCII characters to better accommodate our global friends.

Mo McKibbin

Mo McKibbin

Mo leads Customer Support at Brightback and is an alum of Help Scout. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.