Self-Service Customer Support

Customer service starts well before your customer is talking to your support team. Improve your self-service experience with better contact form design, be inspired by effective help documents, and help your customers help themselves.

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Self-Service Is About More Than Saving Money

Allowing customers to self-serve can reduce costs significantly, but effective self-service goes further. By engaging customers and empowering staff, companies can deliver better service experiences.

Mathew Patterson 5 min read


3 Ways to Help Your Team Create a Better Self-Service Experience

There is one counterintuitive key to achieving the self-service dream: people. Jeff Toister shares 3 ways to create effective self-service experiences.

Jeff Toister 4 min read


8 Best Practices for Designing a Helpful Contact Page

Your contact us page is the first place customers go for answers on your website. See contact us page examples from top companies for ideas on how to design yours right.

Mathew Patterson 10 min read


Empower Your Customers With Self-Service, Chat and Help Desk Support

Stop being the gatekeeper to your clients’ success. Use self-service, chat and your help desk to help your customers succeed.

Leor Manelis 3 min read


6 Ways to Get More Mileage out of Your Help Content

As you add value to your product, continue adding value to your help docs. These tips will ensure your customer support content is helpful and useful.

Gregory Ciotti 12 min read


The Truth About AI in Customer Service

There’s a lot of misinformation about AI in the customer service space. Let’s set things straight.

Nick Francis


The Future of Self-Service

How will our customers help themselves in 2018 and beyond? A review of the near future of customer self-service technologies and trends.

Mathew Patterson 8 min read