customer serviceHow to Scale Customer Support Without Compromising Service

It’s possible to deliver higher volumes of customer service at a consistently high level of quality — here's how.

customer serviceCustomer Onboarding Specialist Job Description: Templates and Examples

Learn how to write a customer onboarding specialist job description, and get inspired by several real-world examples.

customer serviceCustomer Success Specialist Job Description: Template and Examples

Draw in qualified applicants with these tips for writing and real-world examples of customer success specialist job descriptions.

customer serviceSmall Business Customer Service Outsourcing: 4 Pitfalls to Avoid

Discover four pitfalls common to small businesses that are new to customer service outsourcing, and learn how to avoid them at your company.

customer serviceHow to Write a Tier 2 Support Job Description + 5 Examples

Here are several examples of tier 2 support job descriptions to use as guidance, along with information on how to write your own.

customer serviceCustomer Support Rep Job Description: Template and Examples

When hiring, it's important to nail your customer support representative job description so you get the best possible applicants.

customer serviceThe Taming of the Queue: 14 Support Queue Management Tips

Understanding and managing the power of the support queue is critical to a sustainable customer service organization. Consider these 14 tips.

customer serviceHow to Hire for Customer Service: A Step-by-Step Guide

Making the right hires for your support team is critical for the long-term strength of your organization. Learn how to hire for customer service.

customer serviceCustomer Support Job Description: Examples and Best Practices

Learn how to write a customer support job description that attracts your ideal applicants, and review some excellent real-world examples.

customer serviceHoliday Customer Service: 6 Tips for Scaling Support Spikes

Gear your team up for this year's seasonal spike with these six holiday customer service tips, plus a few inspiring holiday support stories.

customer service5 Ways to Automate Support Without Degrading Service

Customer support automation can leave customers feeling underappreciated. Here are 5 ways to automate without degrading service quality.

customer serviceHow to Build a Thriving Support Team and Department from Scratch

Follow these 7 foundational steps to build a brand new support department or maximize the success of your existing customer support team.

customer service23 Customer Service Interview Questions (+ Interview Tips)

Divide these 23 customer service interview questions among your hiring team, and you’ll get the information you need to hire top talent.

customer serviceCreating Customer Flow

Join Nick Francis and Justine Jordan for this webinar to learn why customer flow is critical to growing your business, and how to create it through the thoughtful use of messaging.

customer serviceRolling Out Weekend Support

Use these indicators and tips to help you understand when you might want to extend to 7-day support coverage and how to roll it out effectively.

customer serviceHow to Turn Off a Support Channel Gracefully

Practical guidance on when to consider turning off a particular support channel, and how to do it with the least impact on your customers and your team.

customer service3 Strategies for Scaling Up to 24-Hour Customer Service

Offering 24-hour customer service is a fantastic customer benefit. Here are three approaches for successfully expanding your support to 24/7 coverage.

customer serviceCustomer Support Operations: Description, Responsibilities, and Skills

Understand the role of Customer Support Operations in scaling up a customer service team, and learn the responsibilities and skills required to succeed in the role.

customer serviceWhat to Call Your Customer Service and Support Teams

Naming a new team or considering renaming your existing one? Here are plenty of customer service team names and role titles to consider.

customer serviceScaling Support With Personality at Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a small company with a strong personality and a lot of passionate customers. Discover how their support team scales up while maintaining quality and a clear voice.

customer serviceHow to Determine Your Company’s Multichannel Customer Support Strategy

Which is better, an omnichannel support solution or a custom, multichannel stack? There’s a better middle ground.

customer serviceHow Mailchimp Bridges the Gap Between Support and Product

As teams grow, the gap between product and customer widens. Find out how Mailchimp’s Support Product Analysts bridge that gap.

customer serviceThe Future of Self-Service

How will our customers help themselves in 2018 and beyond? A review of the near future of customer self-service technologies and trends.

customer serviceUsing Customer Self-Service to Deliver Better Support

When backed by human support so customers aren't left to fend for themselves, customer self-service is key to delivering excellent support.

customer service3 Ways to Help Your Team Create a Better Self-Service Experience

There is one counterintuitive key to achieving the self-service dream: people. Jeff Toister shares 3 ways to create effective self-service experiences.

customer service6 Ways to Get More Mileage out of Your Help Content

As you add value to your product, continue adding value to your help docs. These tips will ensure your customer support content is helpful and useful.

customer serviceThe Right (and Wrong) Way to Outsource Customer Support

It's possible to outsource customer support without degrading service quality. Here's what you need to know to outsource the right way.

customer service3 Simple Automations That Free Your Support Team From Tedious Tasks

Use these simple automations to tick off tedious tasks and free up your time for more strategic work.

customer serviceHow Customer Support Teams Can Maximize Seasonal Downtime

Every industry is subject to seasonal downtime — use it to set yourself up for success before your team gets swamped again.

customer serviceHow We Transitioned to 24-Hour Support

Round-the-clock support is a huge win for customers, but it doesn’t come easily. Here’s how we made the transition.

customer serviceWhy All Hands Support Didn’t Work for Our Company

Anna Brozek, operations director at Big Cartel, explains why her company tried and eventually ended the practice of all hands support.

customer serviceThe Business Case for Loving Customers

Free resource outlining the business reasons for great customer service, why it works, best practices and ways to measure success.

customer serviceEveryone Should Be Feeling the Customer’s Pain

Getting the whole team to answer support questions is the fastest way to ensure your company truly understand the customer experience.

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