customer service15 Customer Communication Tools to Engage Your Audience

Learn about 15 types of customer communication tools you can use to engage your audience and make the most of your customer relationships.

customer service27 Helpful Customer Support Tools and Resources

To get the most out of your customer service team, they need access to the right support tools and resources. Here are 27 to consider.

customer serviceThe 7 Best Email Management Software + Features to Look For

Email management software minimizes the stress of organizing, processing, and prioritizing email, improving your productivity and focus.

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Learn how knowledge base software can benefit your business, and discover seven different options to consider for your team.

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Learn what FAQ software is, how it can benefit your growing business, and a few key features to look for when shopping around.

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Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of using Google Collaborative Inbox for customer support, plus discover 5 great alternatives.

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Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of Front's shared inbox, and discover 9 great Front alternatives to consider for your support needs.

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Learn why your company needs a help desk, find out what features to look for when shopping, and discover the 9 best SaaS help desks.

customer serviceHelp Scout: A Team Inbox Built for Customer Support

As any support pro knows, customer service is a team sport. There’s no better way to collaborate than through a team inbox.

customer serviceWhy You Don’t Need an AI Support Chatbot

While the promise of using a support chatbot is compelling, there are better ways to improve team efficiency while still delivering great support.

customer serviceWhat to Expect When Shopping for Support Software

Learn what to expect when shopping for support software, plus tips on how to set your expectations and make the process as simple as possible.

customer serviceWhy Help Desk Software Is a Must-Have for Small Businesses

Help Scout’s small business help desk software lets you create stronger customer relationships, save time, and increase team productivity.

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Learn the difference between distribution lists, shared mailboxes, and shared inboxes, and find the best shared inbox tool for your team.

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If you're considering adding chat to the channels where you offer support, start your search by reviewing this list of the 11 best live chat tools.

customer serviceThe 13 Best Customer Service Software Platforms for 2022

If it's time for your team to adopt customer service software, this guide will tell you everything you need to know to make the right choice.

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Creating a knowledge base doesn't have to be a long, arduous, complex process. Launch a new help center quickly by following these 6 steps.

customer serviceCreating Knowledge Base Videos: Tips, Tools, and Examples

Learn why and how to make effective use of video in your knowledge base to help your customers get better answers to their questions more quickly.

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Choosing help desk software can feel like a daunting task. This guide will help you pick the right one for your company.

customer serviceLive Chat Support 101: Definition, Benefits, and Best Practices

Discover the benefits of live chat and learn how to effectively deliver live chat support to create better customer experiences.

customer serviceThe 9 Big Benefits of Live Chat for Customer Service Teams

Learn how adding live chat as a customer service channel can help you improve the customer experience, increase agent productivity, and much more.

customer serviceThe 5 Big Benefits of Team Email Management Software

Take control of your email and get your team on the same page. Here are five ways that team email management software can help.

customer serviceKnowledge Base 101: Definition, Benefits, Examples, and Tips

Learn what a knowledge base is and discover how to plan, create, and deliver effective help center content to create better customer experiences.

customer serviceWhat is a Support Ticket (& Why We Don’t Use That Term)

A support ticket system treats customers like numbers, not people. That’s why our help desk calls customer interactions “conversations,” not “tickets.”

customer service7 Tips for Choosing the Best Email Management System

Looking for email management software to help you scale your customer service? Find the perfect tool for your needs by following these 7 tips.

customer serviceThe Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Help Desk Ticketing System

Taking a step-by-step approach to choosing al help desk ticketing system helps everyone stay on track and benefit from the tools they need.

customer serviceThe HIPAA-Compliant Help Desk Software You Can Trust

Finding a HIPAA-compliant email help desk isn’t easy — we try to make it as simple as possible.

customer service10 Essential Features of Help Desk Software

These 10 essential features of help desk software will help you narrow down your choices to those that meet at least the minimum requirements.

customer serviceIs Free Help Desk Software Right For You?

Find out if free help desk software is right for you. We outline the pros and cons, and when it’s time to consider upgrading.

customer serviceWhy Investing in Help Desk Software Increases Your ROI

Learn why investing in software for help desk increases your ROI for customer support.

customer serviceWhat Is Contextual Support, and Why Is It Critical to Live Chat?

Contextual support means meeting customers where they are with relevant answers — and modern live chat software isn’t complete without it.

customer serviceThe Right Way to Consolidate Your Customer Support Tools

A guide to thoughtfully reducing the number of separate tools your company uses to create and manage the customer service experience, and why it matters.

customer serviceNeed a CRM? Consider These Tips First

CRM software, customer relationship management, and customer support are different but related — how do businesses know which they need, and when?

customer serviceChoosing Your Perfect Help Desk
customer serviceEmpower Your Customers With Self-Service, Chat and Help Desk Support

Stop being the gatekeeper to your clients’ success. Use self-service, chat and your help desk to help your customers succeed.

customer serviceTake It or Leave It: What Help Desk Data Should You Migrate?

Switching help desks can be a real pain, but it’s also an opportunity to improve your support team’s processes, get rid of clutter, and create new habits that make your life easier.

customer serviceHow to Organize With Tags

Help desk tags let you categorize conversations, monitor trends, and trigger automated actions. But what are the questions to ask before you designate your tags?

customer service9-Step Guide to Switching Help Desks

Switching to a new help desk can be tricky, but it’s a chance to organize your support department and step up your customer service game.

customer serviceOptimizing Your Help Desk Setup

If you’re implementing a new help desk, or optimizing your existing setup, follow this checklist to ensure it goes smoothly for your customers and your team.

customer serviceWhat’s Your Support Stack?

No help desk can truly be a one-size-fits-all solution. Take an inside look at the tools these 5 support teams use to do their jobs.

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