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Working in the real estate industry? Use these 13 tips to create a better customer experience and build stronger client relationships.

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We chatted with support professionals working in education to learn their biggest pain points and the solutions they use to solve them.

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Read stories of spectacularly bad customer service, plus get some tips for how to keep situations like these from happening at your company.

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Delivering top-notch customer service is difficult in any industry, but some – like healthcare – have even more challenges than others.

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B2B customer service offers a number of complexities that B2C customer service doesn’t. Learn what B2B customer service is and 6 ways to excel at it.

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The biggest customer service trends in 2021 won't be a surprising new technology or a huge growth in adoption of some long-predicted tool like AI.

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Learn what proactive customer service is and why it's important. Learn the steps to take to deliver the proactive support your customers want.

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customer service10 Ways to Deliver Consistently Great Customer Service

Investing in customer service is key to long-term business success. Here are the 10 best ways to consistently deliver great customer service.

Terrifying Tales of Spooky Support
customer serviceTerrifying Tales of Spooky Support

The relentless customer with suspiciously sharp teeth, and the disturbing silence of an empty inbox. Three support stories to scare any customer service professional this Halloween.

customer service27 Funny Customer Service Quotes

Brighten up your day and entertain your team with these 28 funny customer service quotes that are sure to make you laugh out loud.

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Great customer service isn’t all about wow moments or heroic interventions. Here are 5 dull tales of excellent service delivered with flash through well-built systems.

customer serviceThe 5 Biggest Mistakes in Small Business Customer Service

Close to 80% of businesses think they deliver superior service, but only 8% of customers agree. Discover the five leading causes of inferior small business customer service.

customer serviceCustomer Service vs. Customer Support: Explained

Customer support is a specific type of customer service involving skills such as documentation, product feedback, and technical problem solving.

customer service10 Unforgettable Customer Service Stories

These 10 unforgettable customer service stories will inspire your team and demonstrate the business case for going above and beyond for your customers.

customer service7 Ways to Improve your Online Customer Service

When it comes to doing business online, the fundamentals remain the same while many of the specifics (and the tools) undergo drastic changes. Here are 7 online customer service tips for exceptional customer care.

customer serviceWhy Your Customer Service Sucks

Is it that people who work in customer service are lazy? That they just don’t care? Or have repeated telephone cord near-strangulations damaged some critical part of their brain? Perhaps.

customer serviceThe Future of Customer Service: 10 Trends to Watch

Industry leaders weigh in on the future of customer service with 10 emerging industry trends, including self-service, chatbots, and the role of humans.

customer service5 Customer Service Tips for Early-Stage Startups

Here are five tips for making great customer service viable at an early-stage startup — and even turn your support into a competitive advantage.

customer service9 Customer Champions Who Received Great Customer Service

Heartwarming stories from customer service professionals about times they received great customer service.

customer serviceHow 3 Nonprofits Approach Customer Service

Customer service at nonprofits is often a function rather than a department, so success depends on keeping their tools and processes as simple as possible.

customer serviceThese 13 Stories of Remarkable Customer Service Will Put a Smile on Your Face

In a world where support is often thought of as a cost center, these remarkable customer service stories will remind you of its true potential.

customer service16 Customer Service Tips to Never Forget

The best customer service tips can only come from world-class teams. Here are 16 tips for delighting your customers.

customer serviceThe 27 Best Customer Service Books

The top 27 customer service books about providing better customer service and creating a customer-centered culture in your company.

customer serviceHow to Be a Good Customer

How can customers change their approach to how they interact with customer support, so they get better and faster solutions to their problems?

customer serviceHow Better Customer Service Attracts and Retains Better Clients

Concierge customer treatment (not price or even skill) is the way to land quality contracts.

customer service100+ Famous Business Quotes About Customer Service

Explore some of the most famous business quotes about customer service from leaders and CEOs like Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Sam Walton, and more.

customer service5 Memorable Holiday Customer Service Stories

Enjoy these 5 examples of companies who know what it means to get into the holiday spirit, and stories of how each left smiles on their customer’s faces.

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