growthHelp Scout’s Step-By-Step Remote Hiring Process

Remote hiring is a different ball game. Follow this step-by-step remote hiring process to find the best workers for your distributed company.

growthHow We Approach Employee Compensation at Help Scout

Employee compensation is complicated, and it can get messy when you don’t have a good plan. Here's how to create (or improve) your compensation strategy.

growthHow Help Scout Mitigates Unconscious Bias in Hiring

If it’s human nature to look for clues, patterns, and data to make decisions, how can we recognize unconscious bias to mitigate it when hiring?

growthA Retreat Apart: Planning Help Scout’s First Ever Remote Retreat

In the midst of a pandemic, we had to cancel our in-person company retreat. Here's what we did to quickly transition to having a remote retreat instead.

growthBuilding Exceptional Teams and Culture in a Pandemic: Live Q&A

Join us for a live discussion with Help Scout’s People Operations leadership about getting your team through the turbulent times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

growthDiversity & Inclusion at Help Scout: 2019 Fall Update

A look at the progress we've made since reporting on D&I efforts at Help Scout six months ago.

growth27 Company Retreat Ideas Your Team Will Actually Enjoy

Make your team time inspirational, energizing and fun with these 27 company retreat ideas your team will be sure to talk about all year.

growthHow to Plan a Fun and Productive Company Retreat

Planning a company retreat takes more work than you’d think. From choosing a location to putting together an agenda, here’s what the process looks like.

growthDiversity & Inclusion at Help Scout: Spring 2019

Our third annual employee survey shows where we’re starting to see positive change take place, as well as the challenges we still face.

growth6 Steps to Recruiting Like a Human

Recruiting is broken. It’s time for a refresher course in humanity.

growthDiversity and Inclusion at Help Scout: 2018 Update

A look at the progress we’ve made since first reporting on Diversity and Inclusion efforts at Help Scout one year ago

growth9 Ways to Foster Diversity and Inclusion at Work

You can help foster diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace — no matter what your role is.

growthDiversity and Inclusion at Help Scout

The steps Help Scout has taken to climb out of diversity debt, and the goals we’re setting to reflect a more representative balance across multiple axes of diversity

growthHow We Use Video to Build Remote Culture

Team building activities can often feel forced, but video is a surprisingly easy way to strengthen company culture and have fun.

growthHow We Replaced Our Weekly All-Hands Meeting with Video

Weekly videos are a fun, easier-than-you-think alternative to all-hands meetings and boring email updates. Here’s how Help Scout does it.

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