growthA Complete Guide to Customer Acquisition for Startups

Learn how to define your audience, goals, and channels to build a customer acquisition strategy for your startup that gets results.

growthUnderstanding Consumer Behavior to Convert More Customers

Learn how customers buy with these 10 consumer behavior studies. Use proven psychology to help enhance your persuasion, influence, and marketing efforts.

growthThe List Building Strategies That Grew 251,000 Subscribers

Discover the list building techniques you need to build a massive list of engaged subscribers and turn your newsletter into a conversation machine.

Introducing Against the Grain: A New Series Highlighting Values-Driven Businesses
growthIntroducing Against the Grain: A New Series Highlighting Values-Driven Businesses

Against the Grain is a three-part documentary series by Help Scout, featuring companies who are building something greater than a balance sheet.

growthWhat Is Customer Retention + 16 Proven Retention Strategies

Improve customer loyalty with this list of 16 customer retention strategies that are backed by academic research and case studies on consumer behavior.

growthHow to Write a Value Proposition (+ 6 Modern Examples)

We’ve demystified how to write a value proposition, complete with examples, so you can ensure that your hard work manifests in value for your customers.

growthWeathering the Economic Storm of COVID-19

Join us for a live discussion with Help Scout’s CFO and leadership team about getting your business through the turbulent economic times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

growthColor Psychology in Marketing and Branding is All About Context

Color psychology in marketing and branding is more complex than “green conveys calm.” Consider these research studies to make better decisions.

growth9 Principles For Starting a Successful Side Hustle

Discover the uniting principles that helped these 12 customer support pros launch and run their side projects.

growthThe Skills You Need for a Support-Driven Growth Role
growthSales as a Service

‘Sales as a service’ doesn’t stop with being consultative — it means acting as a trusted advisor throughout the buyer’s journey.

growthThe Business Case for Support-Driven Growth

Support-Driven Growth can make serious financial sense for businesses who value their customers and customer service teams.

growthGetting Started with Support-Driven Growth

Support-driven growth is a new and exciting business approach aimed at driving revenue and elevating customer support teams for more impactful work.

growthEverything You Need to Know About Implementing a Price Increase

Price increases need to be handled with care. Here’s how (and how not!) to communicate with customers when you need to raise your prices.

growthHow to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

The way to stand out from the competition in a crowded market is to tailor your offerings to an underserved segment — here’s how.

growthHow to Deal With Cheap Customers

Cheap customers aren’t sale-chasers; they just feel more buying pain. Here’s how to get “cheap” customers to spend more by minimizing that buying pain.

growth9 Experiential Marketing Examples from Highly Creative Companies

What is experiential marketing? Check out these 9 examples from highly creative companies.

growthThe Art of Customer Loyalty in a Subscription Business

Krista Atwell, Senior Customer Engagement Manager at Dollar Shave Club, and Mat Patterson, Customer Service Evangelist at Help Scout, discuss customer loyalty tactics and best practices for creating return customers.

growthHow (and Why) to Respond to Positive Online Reviews

Responding to online customer reviews on sites like Yelp isn’t just the nice thing to do — it’s a solid business practice. Here’s why (and how).

growthHow to Write Conclusions That Don’t Suck

Conclusions are tricky, and there’s a lot of conflicting advice about how to write them. Here’s how to write a powerful conclusion that resonates with the reader.

growthHow to Use Customer Service to Stand Out from the Competition

Learn how to build a successful support-driven business.

growthHow to Turn Negative Yelp Reviews Into New Customers

Use negative Yelp reviews for customer acquisition by responding with sincerity, honesty and warmth.

growth10 Lessons We Learned About Telling Customer Stories

Your company may be sharing case studies, testimonials, and customer success stories — but are you doing it in a way that’s actually engaging?

growthHow Building a Community Can Supercharge Your Customer Service

Brand communities are helping companies supercharge their customer service with insights into customer needs, expectations and desires.

growth6 Questions to Ask Before You Email Your Customers

Don’t send another customer email without reading these 6 questions that’ll help you write emails customers love.

growthThe Psychology Behind the Perfect Customer Interview

Customer interviews are the fastest, most effective way to understand what your customers really need. Here’s your roadmap.

growthBuilding a Community Around Your Business

What is the value of community and what separates it from social, support, and other roles? Interview with Sarah Judd Welch of Loyal.

growthHow to Use Storytelling to Connect with Your Customers

Bring storytelling into your customer service and marketing to create stronger, more genuine connections with your customers

growthGreat Content Is Still the Biggest Hurdle

These creative writing techniques will help you solve one of publishing’s biggest hurdles — consistent quality.

growthHow to Make the Most of Your Customer Testimonials

Bland customer testimonials always go bust. Here's how to get great quotes from your customers.

growthRelationship Marketing: The Value of Marketing to Current Customers

Relationship marketing is customer marketing strategy that emphasizes retention, loyalty, satisfaction, and lifetime customer value.

growthIllustrations Are More Than Digital Eye Candy

Best practices for creating digital illustrations that reflect your brand identity.

growthHave the 4P's of Marketing Become Outdated?

The 4P's of marketing have been used by marketers around the world for decades. But for B2B businesses, they may now be outdated.

growthUpselling in a Customer-First Company

When you optimize for customer success, upselling is ethical and revenue is a byproduct. Here’s how we approach sales at Help Scout.

growth10 Timeless Pricing Strategies to Increase Sales

Learn about 10 pricing strategies based on the science of consumer behavior for inspiration and insight on how to effectively set your prices.

growthWhat We Learned Telling Customers’ Stories

An inside look into our Customer Spotlight project.

growthBuilding a Newsletter Welcome Series from Scratch

Here's how we built our blog email nurture track welcome series.

growthImprove Free Trial Conversion Rates by Getting to Know Your Customers

Improve your company's conversion rates by offering new users a free trial.

growthLetting Your Customers Speak for You

Here's how to tell compelling customer stories.

growthWhat You Gain With a Growth Team

A growth team helps optimize this curve. Indeed, “helps” may be too weak of a word as hiring for growth continues to solve increasingly ubiquitous problems.

growthOvercoming Common Customer Objections

Customer objections are best overcome by creating an Objections Doc, which lists the most common reasons customers push back.

growth25 Underrated Books on Persuasion, Influence, and Understanding Human Behavior

Looking for some new reads you haven't already seen on every list? Here are 25 underrated suggestions you should know about.

growthDon't Let Growth Hacking Ruin the Customer Experience

Growth hacking, the term we all have come to know in the past few years, has made this an issue that needs discussing. Juking the stats at the expense of the customer experience will sabotage long term growth in any business.

growthFeatures Tell, But Benefits Sell

Founders and marketers must go beyond selling products, and instead sell what their product will allow customers to do.

growthGiving Your Customers a Peek Behind the Curtain

Learn about the essence of “behind the scenes” marketing, and how peeking behind the curtains can be so enticing to prospective customers.

growthHow to Build a Brand that Wins Over Customers’ Hearts and Wallets

Advice and examples for how to build a brand people love, one customer at a time.

growthA Scientific Take on Viral Marketing

Take a look at these examples of viral marketing to see what lessons can be had from campaigns that managed to spread far and wide.

growthCreating a Unique Selling Proposition that Stands Out

A strong unique selling proposition helps you to stand apart from competitors and attract attention the right way.

growth10 Proven Ways to Build a Website that Customers Will Love

Read about these 10 proven strategies for building a website that customers will love to use ... and buy from.

growthCustomer Profiles: A Smarter Way to Reach Your Customers

Personas give you a structured look at your customer's goals in trying your product, the features and content that matters most to them, and the messaging that will help them find you.

growthHow to Take Charge of Your Churn Rate

Your churn rate, or proportion of customers who leave during a given time period, tells you a lot about retention and customer loyalty.

growth5 Things Your Customers Can Do Better than You

Customers can often be a better compliment to your marketing efforts than anything else you can imagine, and it's best to leverage this reality rather than fight against it. Check out these 5 things that your customers can often do much better than you.

growthHow Restaurant Servers Increased Tips by 23 Percent (Without Changing Service)

How to get bigger tips using psychology ... and maybe a few extra after-dinner mints.

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