growthRemote Employees Shouldn’t Be Paid Less Based on Geography

A best practice has emerged among remote companies: variable pay based on the employee’s geographic location. But I believe it’s the wrong approach.

growthA Detailed Guide to Remote Employee Onboarding [+Checklist]

Employee onboarding affects new hires and your team, so getting it right the first time pays dividends for your company right from the start.

growth8 Internal Communication Tools to Boost Collaboration

Communication in the workplace is one of the most important factors in the development, growth, and success of companies. Learn about 8 internal communication tools to boost your team’s collaboration.

growthWhat Remote Companies Can Teach About Asynchronous Communication

Asynchronous communication is something remote teams have had to solve for in ways that traditional, co-located companies are still learning.

growth6 Tips for How to Collaborate on Remote Design Teams

Remote designers face unique challenges and rewards. Here’s what we’ve found works for our distributed design team.

How to Build a Great Remote Company Culture
growthHow to Build a Great Remote Company Culture

Like a lot of other small businesses, Help Scout is in a market surrounded by companies with more influence, more people, and much greater resources. Choosing a remote company culture gives us a considerable advantage that you can’t buy: We have access to people most companies don’t.

growthFlexible Working is a Win-Win for Employees and Companies Alike

Flexible working arrangements benefit companies and their employees. So why isn’t everyone doing it yet?

growth6 Tips to Keeping Your Remote Team Connected

For co-located companies, closeness happens almost organically over lunch, coffee breaks or a cheeky beer after work. But how does this translate to a remote team? Here are 6 tips to keeping your remote team connected.

growthHow to Handle Conflict on Remote Teams

Conflict resolution is an important skill, especially on remote teams when in-person context isn’t possible.

growthHow Our Remote Team Stays Aligned With Town Hall Meetings

Remote team meetings keep virtual teams aligned. Here’s how our whole-company virtual meetings keep our team rowing in the same direction.

growthHow Remote Teams Are Becoming the Future of Work

In many ways, virtual teams are an ongoing experiment. But they could soon eliminate the need for offices and become the standard way the world works.

growth7 Ways to Engage Far-Flung Team Members

Don't let long-distance remote workers in different time zones feel like anything less than full members of the team.

growthWhy Water Cooler Talk Matters More Than You Think

When you invest in ways to build social capital within your team, you can generate momentum and boost productivity throughout the entire company.

growthSilence Is a Noxious Gas

Make communication a priority, especially when you're on a remote team.

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