Why Help Desk Software Is a Must-Have for Small Businesses

Why Help Desk Software Is a Must-Have for Small Businesses

As a small business, keeping up with customer support can be a tough task. Though standard email applications like Gmail or Outlook may work initially to manage incoming customer requests, they don't work as a long-term solution. You need a specialized tool.

Help Scout’s small business help desk software lets you create stronger customer relationships, save time, and increase team productivity.

What is help desk software?

Help desk software is a tool that centralizes all of your service-related customer interactions. It can include support requests from any number of channels — email, chat, social media, phone, etc. — but its core function is managing and streamlining customer support.

A help desk system will allow your support team, or anyone else in the business, set up a ticketing system that allows you to keep track of all of the questions your customers submit.

When customers need support, their requests show up in a shared inbox that all members of your team have access to — no more searching through your inbox for customer questions and requests or wondering if someone else has already replied.

Help desks also provide reports that help you do things like evaluate team performance, see what times of the day or week you're busiest, and identify common customer issues.

Help desk software can be used for businesses of various sizes, and in multiple industries. It even can be used to help schools run their support teams - check out our list of the best help desk software for schools.

Why do small businesses need a help desk?

help scout's collision detection tool

Help desk software empowers your team to keep track of and collaborate on conversations to make sure any issue that comes your way is fully resolved — nothing slips through the cracks. Having a centralized support hub also gives your team insight into what others are working on to help eliminate duplicate work.

Tagging and other automation features allow you to create workflows that assign requests to different agents and teams, greatly reducing manual work and improving response times by routing the incoming questions to the right team. And self-service options like a knowledge base let your customers get answers any time of day, reducing the number of questions you receive.

Creating and sustaining strong customer relationships is a cornerstone of any successful small business. In order to do so, you need to provide a great customer experience. That's much easier with the right help desk software.

Help Scout: A help desk designed for small businesses

help scout's shared inbox

Being a small business ourselves, we decided to build a help desk solution that addresses the unique challenges facing leaner teams. By focusing on the fundamentals, we’re able to deliver a help desk solution that makes the most of your existing resources, limits hassles for your team, and deepens customer relationships:

  • Simple setup: With time at a premium, the last thing you need is a long, complicated onboarding process to get started. Help Scout’s refined features, intuitive interface, and robust self-service tools make setup quick and easy.

  • Centralized communication: No matter where your customers contact you from, we’ve got you covered. Manage email, live chat, and phone conversations all in one place. You can also set up self-service and proactive support solutions using our Docs and Messages features.

  • Solutions for every stage: We know the needs of your small business may change over time, so we built Help Scout with that in mind. With three base plans to choose from, we have a solution for your support needs, whether you’re a team of two or 200.

  • World-class support: Whether you’re setting up an integration, learning a new feature, or needing to make an account change, our incredible support staff is here to help. With 24x6 email support and an extensive knowledge base, you’re able to get the answers you need when you need them.

  • Powerful integrations: Life is easier when all the tools you use to run your business are connected. With a suite of native and third-party integrations and the ability to create your own integrations using our API, you can connect with your CRM, ecommerce platform, accounting software, and everything else.

  • Reporting: You can analyze ticket trends, see team performance, and more in order to understand where you’re excelling in your support efforts and where you have room for improvement. With prebuilt dashboards and custom report capabilities, you’re able to stay informed and perform at your best.

reports in help scout

Empower your team to do their best work and create stronger customer relationships with Help Scout. Start your free trial today.

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Jesse Short
Jesse Short

After spending a few years working as a support agent, Jesse made the switch to writing full-time. He works as a Content Strategist at Help Scout, to help improve the agent and customer experience.

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