customer service18 Great FAQ Examples to Improve Your Self-Service Support

These 18 FAQ examples will provide you with a great basis of ideas to work from to make your product's knowledge base content exceptional.

customer serviceCustomer Service Training: 21+ Tips, Activities, and Courses

Use these customer service training activities, tips, and courses to continually improve your support quality, consistency, and speed.

customer serviceHoliday Customer Service: 6 Tips for Scaling Support Spikes

Gear your team up for this year's seasonal spike with these six holiday customer service tips, plus a few inspiring holiday support stories.

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Customer support automation can leave customers feeling underappreciated. Here are 5 ways to automate without degrading service quality.

customer serviceWriting an Effective Apology Letter to Customers [+ 5 Examples]

Need to write a great apology letter to your customers? Follow these 5 tips and gather inspiration from 5 unique examples to win back your customers’ trust.

customer serviceStep-By-Step Guide: How to Handle Customer Complaints

Use this simple process for handling customer complaints to turn one-time complainers into lifelong customers and advocates for your business.

customer service12 Customer Service Phrases to Use, and 8 You Should Avoid

Discover the 12 most useful customer service phrases for improving your support conversations, and learn which 8 common phrases you should avoid.

customer serviceThe 6 Best Remote Collaboration Tools for Customer Service Teams

Learn more about the six remote collaboration tools that Help Scout's Customers team uses to communicate asynchronous and collaborate across teams.

customer serviceCOVID-19's Impact on Customer Service Volumes

See which industries have had the biggest shifts in customer service volumes due to COVID-19, plus tips on managing surging and diminishing workloads.

customer serviceKPIs and Business Practices in the Time of Coronavirus

Learn how to be more human in the midst and aftermath of a global pandemic and how to shift your strategies and tactics to accommodate the new normal.

customer serviceCrisis Communication Tips for Customer Service Teams

These crisis communication tips will help your team deliver the best service possible during a crisis without burning out or lowering standards.

customer serviceCommunicating With Customers During a System Outage

Follow these tips and use this customizable outage notification template to delight customers with exceptional service even when your system is down.

customer service10 Response Templates for Tricky Customer Service Emails
customer serviceGo-To Scripts for 16 Tricky Customer Service Scenarios

Use this guide to train new team members, engage in role-playing exercises, or just refine your own approach to challenging customer service scenarios.

customer serviceWhy Analytical Reading Is a Must-Have Skill

Today’s support professionals need a specific type of reading skill to comprehend customers’ (often confusing and emotional) incoming emails in the high-pressure, high-production customer service environment.

customer serviceHow To Write a Good Internal Note

Make better use of the private or internal notes feature of your help desk more effectively by following these guidelines for effective, helpful notes.

customer serviceThe Art of Troubleshooting for Customer Support Professionals

Increase your support speed and build a more resilient and effective team by teaching the skill and art of troubleshooting for customer service professionals.

customer serviceHow to Write Support Emails Your Customers Will Love

Learn how to write a better email to get faster at answering support emails and, more importantly, send responses your customers will love.

customer service47 Pro Tips on How to Talk to Customers

Have more successful conversations and improve your customer support with 47 of Help Scout's all-time best tips on how to talk to customers.

customer serviceHow to Fire a Customer (The Right Way) in 5 Steps

Firing a customer is a significant business decision that involves a great deal of thoughtfulness and tact

customer serviceHow to Deal with Difficult Customers

When you work in customer service, figuring out how to deal with difficult customers is part of the job. Here are 9 tips for dealing with difficult customers.

customer serviceHow to Rebuild Customer Loyalty After a Data Security Breach

Customer loyalty can suffer after a data security breach. Make sure your company is prepared with a (helpful, human) response plan.

customer serviceMigrating a Customer Query Between Support Channels

How to smoothly move a conversation from one channel to another without upsetting your customer.

customer service4 Ways to Determine What Your Customer Really Needs

Take the right steps to reach solutions that solve your customers’ core problems.

customer serviceReduce Your Support Load Through Better Product Writing

Join Sara Culver from Slack, Carlee Potter of Campaign Monitor, and Mathew Patterson of Help Scout, as they chat on the value of product writing and how to make every word count.

customer serviceWriting Support Emails: A Style Guide

When writing customer service emails, you want to be sure you’re communicating clearly. Here’s the playbook.

customer serviceInbox Zero: The Fast, Empathetic Way to Get Your Team There

Inbox Zero for customer service teams isn’t a myth. Here’s the best way to get to an empty email inbox.

customer service9 Tips for Delivering Time-Sensitive Customer Service Fast

Fast customer service is key in time-sensitive industries like travel — here’s how train booking service Loco2 optimizes for speedy support.

customer serviceWhy Data Integrity is Crucial in Customer Service

Without data integrity across all the tools we use, it’s challenging to provide accurately personalized customer service.

customer service8 Tips for How to Approach Cross-Cultural Customer Support

How can you best support customers whose first language isn’t English?

customer service3 Simple Automations That Free Your Support Team From Tedious Tasks

Use these simple automations to tick off tedious tasks and free up your time for more strategic work.

customer serviceHow to Master Difficult Customer Service Conversations

Communicating bad news to customers can be complicated, but following a few basic guidelines will ensure you say it right the first time and every time.

customer serviceHow to Break Up With Abusive Customers

When an abusive customer is making life miserable for your support team, it’s time to let them go. Here’s the playbook.

customer serviceTaking the Right Tone With Customers

Communicating tone online is hard, especially in customer support. Follow a few best practices and you'll say it right the first time and every time.

customer serviceThe 25 Best Customer Service Tools and Resources

A comprehensive list of customer service tools and resources for support professionals to build on their knowledge and connect with others in the field.

customer serviceSupporting Customers in a Foreign Language

7 tips for providing multilingual customer support

customer service7 Times Excellent Customer Service Was Delivered Over Email

Can excellent customer service really be delivered over email? These 7 examples say yes!

customer serviceBoost Customer Happiness with Exclamations and Emoticons

Should you use exclamation points, emoticons, and GIFs in your customer emails? The answer is yes, and there’s some interesting data that explains why.

customer serviceTrack Requests to Keep Customers Coming Back

Telling customers to “keep an eye out” for updates puts the onus on them—not cool. Instead, be proactive and follow up after you’ve fixed a bug they reported or built a feature they wanted.

customer service7 Tips on How to Say No to Customers

Keep customers happy even when you can’t give them everything they want.

customer serviceWhy a Visual Really is Worth 1,000 Words

Skill in visual communication has become nearly as indispensable as clear, compelling writing. Here’s why.

customer serviceGiving Great GIFs for Better Support

GIFs are good for more than a quick laugh — they’re also an effective tool to deliver great support.

customer serviceEasy Reading Is Damn Hard Writing

Writing that reads effortlessly takes great pain to create. Here’s how to make each word count.

customer serviceThe Customer Always Remembers

Directing your tone and language to create positive, lasting memories for your customers is a staple in support. Not only should the whole experience be good, but most importantly, how that experience ends ought to be good.

customer serviceTone and Language Are Building Blocks to Customer Expectations

Every day, businesses are turning their customers away with the wrong tone and language. Don't let that be you.

customer serviceDon’t Let Tone Ruin Your Support Interactions

Take a look at a few examples of how tone can impede your customer support interactions.

customer serviceCustomers Are Tired of Insincere Support

Customers don't like the insincere and often strangely affectionate tone that some companies force their support teams to use.

customer serviceCustomer Support is More Than Saying I'm Sorry

Apologies are necessary, but if there isn’t a system in place to learn from customer feedback, you're putting your support team on the receiving end of complaints with no means to fix the root of the problem.

customer serviceSupport Teams: Stop Being Distracted by Faster Response Times

Faster response times aren't the number one metric your support team should be optimizing for.

customer serviceUsing the Customer Service Tone

Conversation is rarely back or white. Your tone, both written and spoken, creates many shades of gray.

customer serviceThe Right (and Wrong) Way to Handle a Company Crisis

What to do, and what NOT to do when things go wrong Learn with practical examples from Buffer, HMV and Adobe.

customer serviceHow To Tell a Customer No

Start by not actually saying the word no.

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