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As a certified B Corp, we want to leave the world better than we found it. We plant a tree with The Nature Conservancy for every customer.

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Help Scout is committed to keeping your data secure. We are GDPR and SOC 2 compliant, and offer advanced security and HIPAA options.


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Respond to 56% more customer messages in the first year.


Decrease your team’s response times
 by an average of 30 minutes.


Businesses report increased loyalty
 by focusing on customer service.


Reduce email volume by 30% with self-serve support.

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per userUsers are members of your team in Help Scout per month

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per userUsers are members of your team in Help Scout per month

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Team Management

  • Users

    Users are members of your team in Help Scout.

    Up to 25 users
    Unlimited users
    Minimum of 10 users
  • Advanced permissions

    Control visibility and access at the company, team, or user level.

  • Teams

    Assign conversations and monitor reports based on a group of users

  • Light Users

    Free users with who can view and collaborate but not reply.

    25 light users
    50 light users

Shared Inbox

  • Inbox

    Bring customer conversations across channels into a shared inbox with collaboration and automation.

    2 Inboxes
    5 Inboxes
    25 Inboxes
  • Snooze

    Use Snooze to set a date and time for a conversation to return to the top of your inbox.

  • Send later

    Schedule emails to arrive exactly when you want with send later.

  • Team collaboration

    Assign conversations, leave internal notes, and see when another team member is replying to avoid duplicate replies.

  • Saved replies

    Create a library of saved responses to FAQs you can search and insert in two clicks.

  • Customer profile & activity history

    View customer data and conversation history in an auto-populated and editable sidebar.

  • Tags

    Use tags to label conversations, monitor trends, and start automations.

  • Custom fields

    Track custom data points on each conversation for use in reporting and workflows.

  • AI drafts

    Use AI to draft replies to conversations based on past conversations and help content.

  • AI assist

    Expand, shorten, edit, or translate text with AI.

  • AI summarize

    Summarize back-and-forth conversations into a few bullet points with AI.

Communication Channels

  • Email

    Manage customer emails as a team.

  • Live chat

    Offer live chat anywhere in your website or app.

  • Social Media

    Handle customer conversations through Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

  • Phone/voice

    Make and receive phone calls, logged in Help Scout.

    (via integration)
    (via integration)
    (via integration)
  • SMS

    Send and receive texts from your Help Scout inbox.

    (via integration)
    (via integration)
    (via integration)


  • Workflows

    Set up automations to organize, assign, or reply to conversations.

  • Office hours

    Filter reports and activate the auto reply based on your operating hours.

  • Auto reply

    Create a confirmation that is sent to customers as soon as their message is received.

Knowledge Base

  • Docs

    Build a searchable and branded help center or knowledge base.

    1 Docs site
    2 Docs sites
    10 Docs sites
  • Custom site branding

    Use preset options, or control the look and feel of your site with custom CSS.

  • Articles

    Create and organize articles with text, images, hyperlinks, videos, and tables.

  • SEO optimization

    Optimized for search with an auto-generated sitemap and configurable SEO options.

  • Contact forms

    Embed contact forms or live chat into your help center.

  • Restricted docs

    Control who can view your Docs site via API.

Help Widget

  • Beacon help widget

    Customize a help widget you can place anywhere in your website or app.

  • Modes

    Guide viewers to contact you or view self-help options.

  • Contact forms / live chat

    Offer live chat or contact forms on any page, linked directly to your inbox.

  • Self-service content

    Suggest different help content depending on the page URL.

Messaging and Surveys

  • Messages

    Send visitors targeted messages on your website or in your app.

  • Microsurveys

    Collect answers to short-form surveys such as NPS anywhere on your website or in your app.

  • CSAT ratings

    Collect customer satisfaction ratings and view the results in reports.


  • Pre-built reports

    Prebuilt reports give you insight into volume, responses, and customer happiness on each channel.

    2 years of data
    Unlimited history
    Unlimited history
  • Custom reports

    Filter reporting data into distinct views by conversation type, mailbox, tag, or folder.

    2 years of data
    Unlimited history
    Unlimited history
  • Export

    Perform custom analysis by exporting your reporting data to a CSV or Excel file.


  • HIPAA compliance

    Safely store protected health information (PHI) in Help Scout.

  • SAML authentication

    Sign in to Help Scout with your company’s SSO credentials using any SAML-compatible identity provider

  • IP restrictions

    Limit access to your Help Scout account to users connecting from a predefined list of IP address ranges or individual IPs.


  • Access to 100+ apps

    Connect Help Scout to other web services your business depends on.

  • Salesforce integration

    Pull in customer activity details from Salesforce to Help Scout.

  • HubSpot integration

    Bring contextual information about your customers into Help Scout

  • Jira integration

    Create a new Jira issue from a Help Scout conversation.

  • Custom apps

    A quick way for developers to pull customer data from a third party source into the sidebar.

  • API access

    Read/write data and connect more key systems with Help Scout.

    200 calls/minute
    No access to reporting endpoints
    400 calls/minute
    All endpoints
    800 calls/minute
    All endpoints
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