Help the more human way

Manage all your email, chat, and phone conversations in one place — lose the ticket numbers. It’s just you and the customer, happily ever after.

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Keep everything organized

Use separate mailboxes to organize all of your customer conversations across different teams, email addresses, and brands. The more the merrier!

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Help Scout Mailboxes

Put a face to the name

Everything you need to know about the customer is in the sidebar — contact information, previous conversations, and data/activity from other apps.

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Keep your finger on the pulse

Seamlessly switch between email and chat in your Help Scout mailbox. No need for separate tools or tabs — everything you need is one click away.

Don’t leave customers hanging

Is someone there or not? Is this chat or email? Beacon gives your customers perfect clarity, and only shows chat as an option when a real person is available to help.

  • A human, helpful experience

    Help your customers get un-stuck without leaving your website.

  • Give customers a choice

    When chat is available, people can reach out using the channel that works best for them.

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Collaborate with teammates

Whether you have a team of 3 or 300, Help Scout keeps everyone on the same page, and nothing slips through the cracks.

Private Notes

@mention others and collaborate to solve problems

Saved Replies

Answer common questions perfectly, in only two clicks

Collision Detection

See who else is viewing or replying in real-time


Categorize conversations for automation and reporting

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Help Scout Saved Replies Replies Dropdown
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Inbox zero in less time

With Workflows, you can set up powerful automations to take care of repetitive tasks using simple if/then logic.

If Subject contains Invoice

Then Assign to Troy and Add tag(s) billing

“If the subject contains Invoice, assign the conversation to Troy and add the tag billing.”

If Tag(s) is equal to Outage

Then Send an Email To the customer and Change status closed

“If a conversation has the Outage tag, send an email to the customer and change the status to closed.”

If Status is equal to Active and Tag(s) contain Refund

Then Assign to Troy and Copy to folder Refund Requests

“If an active conversation has the Refund tag, copy it to the Refund Requests folder.”

Growing with Plus

Advanced reporting, improved collaboration, integrations with Salesforce, Jira and HubSpot — enjoy all of this and more on the Plus plan.

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Help Scout Plus Plan

More features you’ll love

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Phone, chat, email

You can manage phone, email and chat conversations all from a single mailbox.

75+ keyboard shortcuts

No mouse required! Help Scout can be used almost entirely from your keyboard.


Stay in the loop with notifications in your email, browser, or on your mobile device.

Advanced security

All plans include 2-factor auth, while the Company plan includes SSO/SAML and more.


Find what you need with advanced filters, bulk actions, and quick views.

Mobile apps

Native iOS and Android apps make it easy to use Help Scout on the go.

Satisfaction ratings

Collect qualitative ratings and comments from customers so you can improve.

Developer tools

With Custom Apps and the Mailbox API you can integrate Help Scout with your systems.