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As a diversified holdings company for specialty doors, Senneca Holdings serves many different industries — and their setup allows the team to offer customers custom products in short lead times.

The Senneca team uses Help Scout to keep more than 50 users across 5 locations on the same page. Prior to Help Scout, the team was using Outlook, which made communication across offices difficult. When a customer emailed, assigning next steps was difficult: who would the task be assigned to? Who had the best knowledge on the given situation?

When were using Outlook, we had to create systems outside of email to keep everyone on the same page.

“In a shared inbox, we had to take the emails out, add them to a shared drive, then add to a folder,” said Anne Sprandel, customer service manager for the Redmond and Cincinnati Senneca Holdings offices. “If someone was out sick, we would have to wait for that person to come in, or pull in IT to find the given email. We were wasting our time, but more importantly, we were wasting the customer’s time.”

The team decided to explore Help Scout as a solution to transparency within email — and was up and running quickly. “We explained our goals to Help Scout, and the team was very responsive, showing us how we could accomplish them. It’s like the solution was custom tailored for us. I had it down within the first day,” says Kimberly Adams, national accounts customer service representative.

the team at senneca
the team at senneca
the team at senneca

Searching conversations on Help Scout is easy: we’ll see the full customer thread, any background notes, and the tone of the interaction, which makes handling a lot easier.

"We used Outlook before, which was easy to navigate, but if a co-worker was out of the office, there was no way to check their email and see if anything was outstanding," said Christie Swearingen. "We'd be forced to wait for them to come back to respond to the customer."

Senneca's favorite features

  • Multiple Mailboxes: Manage all of your messages from a single account with multiple mailboxes.

  • Conversation History: Quickly refer back to previous customer conversations, right where you’re responding.

  • Adding Attachments: Attach screenshots or any file type when responding to a customer conversation.

  • Notes: @mention teammates in Notes to collaborate or assign behind-the-scenes.

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